Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters BMETS

Blue Mountains Together for Timor Incorporated ABN 14 127 089 519



Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters are a group of volunteers who work in friendship with women in East Timor to help develop opportunities in their country.

We raise funds for projects to improve the education, health and wellbeing of women and children, and to support the empowerment of East Timorese women. As volunteers we have few overheads and 99% of funds raised go directly to our projects in East Timor.

Through our efforts more than 250 women and girls have received scholarships to attend university, more than 30 projects in women’s leadership, education, health, sport and economic and skills development have been implemented and many small organisations and enterprises run by women have been assisted.

BMETS aims to improve the lives of women in East Timor in the present while contributing to the ongoing leadership and empowerment of East Timorese women into the future.

Click the following links to see short videos about some of our scholarship students Adriana's Story , Ana Maria's Story , Victorino's Story , Meliana's Story .

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You can download our annual reports here Annual Report 2021-2022. and here Annual Report 2022-2023.